Announcing DuraCore LT

Our lightest, most advanced design spa cover

✔︎  35% thinner and lighter

✔︎  100% recyclable green materials

✔︎  Tough and puncture resistant

✔︎  Designed for extreme cold and heat

✔︎  Cushioned to handle hail and impacts

✔︎  5 year warranty vs. waterlogging

Ideal for mild climates and sheltered spaces

Simply different, inside and out

You won't find any EPS foam or vinyl in this cover either.  DuraCore LT covers have a completely different construction than ordinary covers to give you the good looks and long life you expect from a Modern spa cover.  A tough plastic base that completely blocks water vapor from the spa, high-tech polypropylene foam, all inside a tough, breathable fabric skin.  

Inside: A high-tech plastic foam

Instead of toxic, water-absorbing polystyrene foam, we chose EPP (expanded polypropylene), a high-tech plastic cushioning foam used in car bumpers and advanced packaging.  It absorbs shocks, bumps, and hail and comes right back to shape, and can be recycled hundreds times.

Outside: A breathable fabric covering

Our fabric is more than just beautiful and long-lasting.  It’s 100% water resistant and fully breathable, which prevents water buildup in the core of your cover, keeping it light and insulating for the life of your spa.


The first 100% recyclable spa cover


Many spa covers claim to be recyclable, but in truth, no one wants a waterlogged slab of styrofoam covered with worn out vinyl.  But every material in the DuraCore LT (steel, polyester, polypropylene, and polycarbonate) is 100% recyclable, even at the end of life of the cover. 

SunCatcher's solar heating technology was awarded

First Place for Best Green Product at the 2017 International Pool and Spa Expo.  

A cover that actually makes you money ...

If you own a spa, you're paying regularly for heating energy and replacement covers.  A Modern Spa Cover usually saves you enough money on those to pay for the cover itself.  The energy savings can range from $1000 to over $3000, depending on your spa and where you live.  Tell us a little about your spa, and we'll send you a free savings estimate.  Just follow the link below:

Details, details ....

Buckles, straps, and handles are not afterthoughts for us.  We know that if your cover is going to last as long as your spa, you'll want to get every detail right. Our straps and handle connections are steel reinforced.  We use only high-strength center-release buckles that are easy to unlatch, and of course we have full ASTM F1346 compliance as a safety cover.  We'll send you a complete drawing and specification of your new cover for your approval.  Who else does that?  See more about our strap/handle options here.

Drop-in compatibility with all Hot Spring & Caldera spas.

See our blog post here.

The reviews are in. Our customers love our covers!

If you need help, call us at 866-298-3240, or use the chat feature at the bottom of the page.

Modern Spa Covers produces highly durable, energy efficient spa covers for hot tubs, swim spas, and in ground spas. 
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