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A breakthrough in spa cover design

✔︎  High strength and durability

✔︎  NO waterlogging

✔︎  Long life with low maintenance

✔︎  Built-in solar heating and snowmelt


A cover designed for the real world: Your backyard


✔︎  NO waterlogging

✔︎  Best UV resistance

✔︎  Heavy snow no problem

✔︎  Puncture resistant

✔︎  Handles heavy weights

✔︎  Designed for extreme cold

✔︎  Resists hail up to 1.5"

✔︎  Dogs are welcome!


Unbeatable strength

Add bears to the list of threats that a DuraCore spa cover can handle with ease.  This 300 pounder was curious about our cover, but walked off dry as a bone and the cover was none the worse.

Read the blog post HERE

Award-winning innovation

SunCatcher's solar heating technology was awarded

First Place for Best Green Product at the International Pool and Spa Expo.  

Pool Spa Patio Expo First Place Award to Aztech for Best Green Product

Choose the model that's right for you

DuraCore LT

The thinnest and lightest spa cover on the market, the LT is perfect for mild climates, summer use, sheltered spaces, or just to keep out debris or limit access.


DuraCore Plus

For colder climates that get typically get snow or temperatures below freezing in the winter. 


DuraCore Super

Makes no compromises.  Highest insulating value plus true walk-on strength for serious winter climates and where durability is most important.


Turns your spa into a renewable energy powerhouse by bringing the sun's heat right into your spa water.


Optional built-in solar heating and snowmelt

Adding the SunCatcher option to your spa spa cover gives you our award-winning solar spa heating built right in to the cover.

  • Installs like a regular cover-no special installation

  • Slashes spa heating costs by up to 80%

  • Fully automatic and temperature controlled

  • Available automatic snowmelt Learn more

US Patent Pending


Environmental Benefits

  • Saves up to 20 tons of greenhouse gas over 10 years

  • Insulation made from recycled content 

  • 90% recyclable materials


The best spa cover for the planet  

Standard vinyl and foam spa covers waste energy, and end up in landfills in just a few years.  Modern spa covers last far longer, are 90% recyclable, and save literally tons of carbon over their lifetime.  

Plus Modern Spa Covers offers the only solar heating spa cover on the market, our SunCatcher spa cover, which offsets up to 80% of electric heating, saving up to 20 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over its life.


A cover that actually makes you money ...

If you own a spa, you're paying regularly for heating energy and replacement covers.  A Modern Spa Cover usually saves you enough money on those to pay for the cover itself.  The energy savings can range from $1000 to over $3000, depending on your spa and where you live.  Tell us a little about your spa, and we'll send you a free savings estimate.  Just follow the link below:

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