For square or rectangular spas

If you have questions or if you have any other size or shape spa, call us at (303) 566-9961 x3  

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Note: We will send you a complete drawing of your cover for your approval before your order is final.

For square or rectangular spas, you are looking for three measurements:

  • Length

  • Width

  • Corner radius for rounded corners

Length and width

If you like the fit of the cover you are replacing, simply measure your cover and we will make your new cover the same size.


If you don't have a cover you are trying to match, you can easily  measure your hot tub itself by measuring the length and width to the outside edge of the top of the spa.


Measurement A - Across the hinge

It's important to know the hinge direction on your cover.   First take measurement A, which the the dimension ACROSS the hinge


Measurement B - Parallel to the hinge

Next take measurement B, which the the dimension PARALLEL the hinge


Corner radius measurement for rounded corners

If you would like help measuring a hot tub cover with rounded corners, watch the 1 minute video below that will walk you through the process. 

If your measurement falls between full inches, round the radius dimension DOWN to the nearest inch. Rounding the radius down makes the corners of the cover larger -  less of the corner is cut off the cover. 

In this picture, the hot tub radius is exactly 9.5" but you can easily see how a cover made to 8" or even 7" radius will give a little leeway on the fit. Making the cover corner a bit larger does not impact the insulating performance (R-value) of the cover.


Printable corner radius template

If you don't have a square, you can download and print out this template and hold it over your spa corner to measure the corner radius.

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