Customize your cover:  Optional features you'll want to consider

Built-in solar heating

Built-in solar heating option brings the sun's heat from the top of the cover down into your spa, substantially reducing the electricity required for heating. Adds only three pounds of weight to the cover, and requires no special installation.   

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Automatic snowmelt

This one-of-a-kind feature uses your spa’s heat when needed to melt snow off your cover so you don’t have to.  Automatically detects and melts snow preventing deep buildup. 

Super Strength

Adds reinforcement to the inside of the cover to double the weight-bearing capability.  Recommended in heavy snow areas and where dogs or children may be on top of the cover frequently.


Cover lifters

A wide selection of quality cover lifts are available to match with your new spa cover.  All lifters are 20% off with the purchase of a cover.