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#1 Energy Efficiency Investment for Hot Tub Owners

If you own a hot tub, there’s one investment you can make in energy efficiency that beats all others…the SunCatcher! A SunCatcher Solar Hot Tub cover collects energy from the sun to heat your hot tub. Whenever the sun is shining, the SunCatcher is saving you money.

SunCatcher’s savings and return on investment is the #1 energy efficiency upgrade you can make. As the accompanying chart indicates, SunCatcher has the lowest cost, greatest savings, fastest payback, and most CO₂ reduction than solar or upgrades to AC, attic insulation, heat pump water heater, and window upgrades.

Better yet, SunCatcher is the easiest option to install. No extra effort or contractor work is needed. Just install SunCatcher on your hot tub just as you would any other hot tub cover, and start enjoying the savings. Even the most technically challenged can easily and quickly replace their existing hot tub cover with SunCatcher.

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