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If you received a postcard from Meyco with this web address, it means our records indicate your cover is about 10 years old.

While the cover may still be under partial warranty, wear and tear will vary depending on many factors including usage, maintenance and climate.

As stated in your Meyco installation and care manual, it is IMPERATIVE that you carefully inspect your cover regularly, especially if you are using it as a safety cover.

If your cover appears torn or damaged, STOP using it as a safety cover.

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We use the zip code on record to ensure we have the correct pool owner information for your plan. If your plan number does not match the information in our records, please contact us here and reference the plan number from your postcard.

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New covers are purchased directly from your local pool and spa professional.

As a manufacturer, Meyco works with local pool and spa professionals to assist you in choosing the best Meyco cover for your unique needs.

We keep your original Meyco cover information safely on file to save you the additional cost and hassle of having to remeasure your pool.

When you confirm your information on this page, we will send your cover information to your preferred pool and spa professional or an Authorized Meyco Dealer near you.

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No problem. Meyco has hundreds of authorized pool cover installers across the USA. We’ll connect you with the installer of your choice or find one nearby.

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We’ll be glad to help. Contact Meyco Customer Support and we’ll connect you with an Authorized Meyco Installer in your area.

Meyco works exclusively with local pool companies to ensure your cover is an exact fit for your pool.



DuraCore Spa Cover


With a DuraCore cover from Modern Spa Covers, you'll get a superior spa cover that will last longer than two or three foam covers, along with:

  • Twice the insulating value of standard foam covers 

  • No maintenance required for UV protection

  • Withstands hail up to 1 inch diameter

  • Five year warranty against water weight gain

  • 90% recyclable materials & beautiful marine fabric skin

You'll save hundreds of dollars over the life of the cover, saving on your energy bills, the cost of UV treatments, and, most of all, the foam covers you won't have to buy.  With a 5 year warranty against fading and weight gain, and a lifetime warranty against cracking, it's probably the last cover your spa will ever need.


Custom manufactured for almost any size and shape spa.  Just specify spa size and shape, corner radius, skirt length and strap locations.

DuraCore In-ground Spa Cover

With a in-ground cover from Modern Spa Covers, you'll get everything DuraCore has to offer along with:

  • A high strength, unbreakable cover that is safe to walk on 

  • Many shapes and sizes for custom built-in spas

    • Round spas​

    • Oval shapes

    • Square and rectangular

    • Two- three- or four-section covers

  • Extra handles to make moving the cover on and off easier​

  • No skirt, plus a foam gasket around the edges to maintain a seal​


DuraCore Swim Spa Cover


Modern Spa Covers are especially suited to swim spas because our advanced construction provides long-lived protection from:

  • Waterlogging

  • Hail, snow and wind

  • UV radiation

The UV protection comes with no maintenance or treatments required.  And with twice the insulating value of standard foam covers, a DuraCore cover keeps the heat in your spa and reduces your heating bills. 

We can customize the number of sections of the cover depending on your spa's length and your preferences.  We offer a line of cover lifts that will make getting in and out of your spa easy again.


SunCatcher Solar Heating Option

Add solar heating to multiply your savings

Bracket mount PV.png

When you add the SunCatcher solar heating option to your DuraCore spa cover, you'll save even more.  With built-in solar heating, you'll save at least $2000 over the life of the cover in electric heating bills, or up to $4000 in areas with higher rates. 

  • Automatic solar heating of spa water to offset up to 80% of electric heat

  • In-ground spas can be maintained at a hot and ready temperature for most of the year with no electric or gas heat or with reduced warmup time

  • Swim spas are especially suitable for solar heating with the lower water temperatures and higher heat loads.  Typically, swim spa owners can expect a 50-60% reduction in heating costs with SunCatcher solar.

You have two options for powering your SunCatcher, either the body-mounted solar panels, or a separate standalone solar panel that you can mount to a pole or deck.  Just make sure your spa gets at least four hours of direct sunlight per day to take best advantage of the solar heating.

Snowmelt option

Prevent deep snow buildups

If you live in a cold, snowy area, you'll extend the life of your cover (and your back) with our exclusive snowmelting system.  Automatically detects snow and uses the spas heat to melt it before it builds up. 


Requires the SunCatcher solar heating option, plus an external AC/DC power adapter that need be plugged in only during winter.

Cover Lifts

We offer a complete line of cover lifts to make it easy to get in and out of your spa.  You get 20% off a cover lift system with the purchase of any cover!

Cover EX.png

Our spa covers are custom made to fit your spa perfectly, and are designed to last as long as you own your spa.