Advanced design spa cover for

Hot Spring and Caldera spas

Designed for the real world:  Your backyard


✔︎  NO waterlogging

✔︎  Best UV resistance

✔︎  Heavy snow no problem

✔︎  Puncture resistant

✔︎  Handles heavy weights

✔︎  Designed for extreme cold

✔︎  Tested for hail up to 1"

✔︎  Dogs are welcome!

Likely the last cover your spa will ever need...


✔︎  NO waterlogging

✔︎  High UV resistance

✔︎  Heavy snow no problem

✔︎  Puncture resistant

✔︎  Designed for extreme cold

✔︎  Resists hail up to 1.5"

✔︎  Dogs are welcome!

Completely different, inside and out

We've moved beyond foam and vinyl.  Our DuraCore covers have a completely different internal construction than ordinary covers.  A tough plastic shell that doesn't break, a lightweight, highly insulating core, and no polystyrene to absorb water. All inside a tough, beautiful fabric skin.  


Hot Spring Compatibility

Lifter plates are built in to the sides of the cover in the exact location to match with Hot Spring and Caldera brand cover lifters including the CoverCradle, CoverCradle II, UpRite, and Lift 'n Glide. And our oval, high-strength, center-release buckles and adjustable straps make your cover a true drop-in replacement.  

We have all Hot Spring, Caldera, and Hot Spot spa sizes on file, from the Jetsetter to the Grandeé.  Just tell us your model and year, and we'll get you covered.

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Inside: High strength, double the insulation, and no waterlogging

Modern spa covers can't get waterlogged because there's simply nothing in them that absorbs water the way foam covers do.  High strength is achieved using high-grade twinwall polycarbonate that stays strong year after year. And our engineered insulation pack uses commercial grade insulation and radiant air cavities to give you double the R-value in a lightweight package.

Outside: A lifetime fabric covering

Every DuraCore cover comes with the most advanced polyester fabric of any spa cover. Made from solution-dyed fibers, it has a lifetime warranty against cracking and there’s no need for regular treatment to maintain UV protection of your cover. Best of all, the fabric is easily replaceable, even after 10 years, extending the life of your cover.

Modern spa cover color selection
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The best spa cover for the planet


Standard vinyl and foam spa covers waste a lot of energy over their short lives, then head to landfills where they sit for hundreds of years.  Modern covers last far longer, are made of 90% recyclable and reusable materials, and save literally tons of carbon over their lifetime.  

Plus Modern offers the only solar heating spa cover on the market, our SunCatcher spa cover, which offsets up to 80% of electric heating, saving up to 20 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over its life.


Choose the model that's right for your spa

The thinnest and lightest spa cover on the market, the LT is perfect for mild climates, summer use, sheltered spaces, or just to keep out debris and limit access.


Makes no compromises.  Highest insulating value plus true walk-on strength for serious winter climates and where durability is most important.


NOTE:  Lifter plates are only available on the Plus, Super, and Solar models.  The LT is too thin to allow the plates to be installed.

For colder climates that get typically get snow and temperatures below freezing in the winter. 


Turns your spa into a renewable energy powerhouse by bringing the sun's heat right into your spa water.

SunCatcher's solar heating technology was awarded

First Place for Best Green Product at the 2017 International Pool and Spa Expo.  

Pool Spa Patio Expo First Place Award to Aztech for Best Green Product

A cover that actually makes you money ...

If you own a spa, you're paying regularly for heating energy and replacement covers.  A Modern Spa Cover usually saves you enough money on those to pay for the cover itself.  The energy savings can range from $1000 to over $3000, depending on your spa and where you live.  Tell us a little about your spa, and we'll send you a free savings estimate.  Just follow the link below:


Virtually unbreakable


Sometimes spa covers need to handle heavy loads like dogs, kids or the occasional person.  Standard spa covers can fail in a moment under such loads, but DuraCore Super and Solar models can handle 500 pounds of weight with no problem.


Details, details ....

Buckles, straps, and handles are not afterthoughts for us.  We know that if your cover is going to last as long as your spa, you'll want to get every detail right. Our straps and handle connections are steel reinforced.  We use only high-strength center-release buckles that are easy to unlatch, and of course we have full ASTM F1346 compliance as a safety cover.  We'll send you a complete drawing and specification of your new cover for your approval.  Who else does that? 

Drop-in compatibility with all Hot Spring & Caldera spas.

See our blog post here.

Compatible with Hot Spring: Grandee, Vanguard, Sovereign, Aria, Envoy, Aria, Prodigy, Prism, Pulse, Flash Flair, Tempo, Rhythm, Relay, Solana

Compatible with Caldera: Cantabria, Geneva, Niagara, Tahitian, Florence, Provence, Makena, Salina, Reunion, Seychelles, Martinique, Kauai, Palatino, Marino, Vanto, Tarino, Celio, Aventine

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