Salida in ground spa

Advanced Design In-Ground Spa Cover

✔︎  Strong and unbreakable

✔︎  Double the insulating value

✔︎  Dogs are welcome!

✔︎  No waterlogging

✔︎  Best UV resistance

✔︎  Hail resistant

The smart way to cover your built-in spa

In-ground spas need high strength to protect against people and pets putting their weight on the cover.  And you need light weight because cover lifters seldom work with in-ground spas. DuraCore has you covered, with a high strength walk-on cover that starts light and is guaranteed to stay light.


Modern materials and design

On the inside, most spa covers are simply a board of styrofoam.  Not the best material for an in ground spa where someone might walk or fall on a cover.  Our DuraCore spa covers have a high-strength internal construction that handles 500 lbs of weight, a tough plastic shell that doesn't break, and the highest R-value of any cover that's only an average 3 inches thick. 


Any shape you want ...

In ground spas come in a lot of shapes: round, square, hexagonal, octagonal, kidney-shaped, you name it. Many also have waterfalls and spillways for adjoining pools.  No matter--we've got you covered.  We can design a custom cover to fit almost any spa.  Just upload a photo or a sketch of your spa with the quote request form and we'll work with you to design the perfect cover.

We make it easy for you ...

Cover lifters seldom work with in-ground spa covers.  But why lift it when you can roll it?  Modern Spa Covers offers the only rolling cover solution in the industry.  Click HERE to learn more. 


Yes, you can try this at home...


Sometimes built-in spa covers need to handle heavy loads like dogs, kids or the occasional person.  Standard spa covers can fail in a moment under such loads, but DuraCore can handle several hundred pounds of weight with no problem.

Maintenance-free fabric covering

Would you rather not have to apply UV protectant to your cover to make it last for more than a few years?  Then you came to the right place.  Every Modern spa cover comes with the most advanced marine fabric covering available. Made from solution-dyed polyester fibers, it has a lifetime warranty against cracking.  Plus, the UV protection is built in to the fibers, so there’s no need for UV treatment.


The reviews are in. Our customers love our covers!

The best spa cover for the planet


Standard vinyl and foam spa covers waste a lot of energy over their short lives, then head to landfills where they sit for hundreds of years.  Modern covers last far longer, are made of 90% recyclable and reusable materials, and save literally tons of carbon over their lifetime.  

Plus Modern offers the only solar heating spa cover on the market, our SunCatcher spa cover, which offsets up to 80% of electric heating, saving up to 20 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over its life.


A cover that makes you money ...

If you own a spa, you're paying regularly for heating energy and replacement covers.  A Modern Spa Cover usually saves you enough money on those to pay for the cover itself.  The energy savings can range from $1000 to over $3000, depending on your spa and where you live.  Tell us a little about your spa, and we'll send you a free savings estimate.  Just follow the link below:


SunCatcher's solar heating technology was awarded

First Place for Best Green Product at the 2017 International Pool and Spa Expo.  

Pool Spa Patio Expo First Place Award to Aztech for Best Green Product

US Patent Pending

Built-in solar spa heating

Adding the SunCatcher option to your cover gives you our award-winning solar spa heating built right in to the cover.

  • Installs like a regular cover-no special installation

  • Slashes spa heating costs by up to 80%

  • Keeps your spa hot and ready most of the year


Environmental Benefits

  • Saves up to 8 tons of greenhouse gas over 8 years

  • Insulation made from recycled content 

  • 90% recyclable materials


Automatic snowmelt 

With our SunCatcher option you'll also get our exclusive automatic snowmelt feature uses your spa’s heat when needed to melt snow off your cover so you don’t have to.  Automatically detects and melts snow preventing deep buildup.