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SunCatcher Announced at PSP '16

Aztech Energy announced its new product, SunCatcher solar spa cover, at the International Pool Spa and Patio Expo in New Orleans last week. We were gratified to encounter a great deal of interest from retailers, spa manufacturers, and others in the industry.

Almost every spa manufacturer is looking for ways to further reduce the energy consumption of their spas and frankly most are hitting the law of diminishing returns. There is only so much insulation that it is cost effective to install, and only so much energy to be recovered from the dumps and electronics. To make further reductions in energy usage, a new and free energy source must be harvested, and what we heard at the show is that SunCatcher is the only practical option on the market for that.

We displayed our prototype cover and received a lot of great feedback on what the market is looking for regarding appearance and maintainability, and we are incorporating all this feedback into our next revision while we gear up for manufacturing early next year.

Aztech booth at PSP Expo

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