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If you received a postcard from Meyco with this web address, it means our records indicate your cover is about 10 years old.

While the cover may still be under partial warranty, wear and tear will vary depending on many factors including usage, maintenance and climate.

As stated in your Meyco installation and care manual, it is IMPERATIVE that you carefully inspect your cover regularly, especially if you are using it as a safety cover.

If your cover appears torn or damaged, STOP using it as a safety cover.

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We use the zip code on record to ensure we have the correct pool owner information for your plan. If your plan number does not match the information in our records, please contact us here and reference the plan number from your postcard.

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New covers are purchased directly from your local pool and spa professional.

As a manufacturer, Meyco works with local pool and spa professionals to assist you in choosing the best Meyco cover for your unique needs.

We keep your original Meyco cover information safely on file to save you the additional cost and hassle of having to remeasure your pool.

When you confirm your information on this page, we will send your cover information to your preferred pool and spa professional or an Authorized Meyco Dealer near you.

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No problem. Meyco has hundreds of authorized pool cover installers across the USA. We’ll connect you with the installer of your choice or find one nearby.

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We’ll be glad to help. Contact Meyco Customer Support and we’ll connect you with an Authorized Meyco Installer in your area.

Meyco works exclusively with local pool companies to ensure your cover is an exact fit for your pool.




DuraCore's unique construction allows the cover to actively move heat in and out of your spa.  You can add built-in solar heating to the Classic by selecting the Solar model, then save up to 80% of your spa's heating costs. Here is how it works.

Bringing the sun into your spa 

As the sun’s rays warm the top of the cover, fans powered by small PV panels circulate air inside the cover between the top and the bottom. The solar heat warms the bottom of the cover up to 160 degrees F, then the heat radiates directly down to the water in the spa, the same way a fireplace can warm you from across the room.  The cover gets very warm, but it's always safe to touch.

US Patent Pending

Two small fans inside each side of a DuraCore solar cover circulate air in small passages right under the top and bottom of the cover. An electronic controller allows you to set your preferred temperature for the fans to turn off so your spa doesn't overheat.  The standard setpoint range is 95-104F.  If you have a swim spa and need a lower setpoint, we can customize the control for you.

Proven Results with DuraCore Solar


Testing results show the solar performance in relation to a typical spa cover.  Temperatures rise quickly to your desired spa temperature, all without the need of running a heater cycle.  Click on the video for details on solar heating performance.

The custom electronic controller that manages the water temperature also lets you know how your SunCatcher is doing.  A status LED flashes to let you know when the fans are running, and SunCatcher also shows you just how much energy you are saving at any moment.

The controller also keeps track of how much energy you have saved over the life of your cover, so you can gain satisfaction for what you are doing to help the environment.

Tahoe solar cover
Tahoe solar cover

Solar spa cover installed at a home near Lake Tahoe in California

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Royal blue
Royal blue

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Evergreen SunCatcher
Evergreen SunCatcher

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Tahoe solar cover
Tahoe solar cover

Solar spa cover installed at a home near Lake Tahoe in California

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Only a small amount of electricity is needed to power the small fans inside the cover.  This can be provided by small PV panels attached directly to the top of the cover, or by an externally mounted PV panel with a 30 ft cable that attaches to the cover.  Contact Modern Spa Cover sales for details.

Bracket mount PV.png

Full Details Available

Read more about SunCatcher and the models used to estimate your energy savings in this article published by the International Solar Energy Society: